If you have never ordered from us you will find that our services are unorthodox in many ways. We have built a company that enables us to produce very lengthy and complex custom personalized products in a matter of minutes and hours. Our services is very simply, you choose a service tier based on the production speed and service options you need, then submit your order. We will print and deliver your products, very simple and easy!.


How our services work

We encourage and recommend that all customers place their orders online because you qualify for all website coupons, points per order, real-time order tracking & updates every step of the way, amongst many other benefits



Order printing online
Order online

The fastest, easiest & most popular way to order with us is through our website. This way of ordering is for our standard rush service. Simply find your product by using the search bar, then select your product options, upload art or design online and check out. 

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Order via phone and email

For larger standard orders, emergency velox or instant apex orders we can process them via phone then email but this process can be lengthy & much more costly. You will need to fill out a few forms then submit them with a picture of your state ID.


We have a huge assortment of products and services available with everyrthing printed in house right here on our premises. We never outsource your print jobs to any other company so if you see a product on our website and its available to select then its in stock. Our list of products includes hundreds if not thousands of products ranging from marketing collateral to apparel and large format as well as promotional items.



How our services work

We encourage and recommend that all standard rush service customers place their orders online because you qualify for online discounts & coupons, we give you money back in points for every order you place, real-time order tracking, order status updates every step of the way, amongst many other benefits.





Nights, Holidays & Weekends




This is our speciality and highly sought after in the entire printing & production industry. This service is offered 24/7 during nights, holidays, and weekends or if our standard service simply does not meet your needs. This service tier can allow you to request the most highly custom jobs or custom turnaround times.





TO START our emergency printing service please send us a message on our live chat in our website.


Top Features


  • Very fast printing
  • High cost ($$$$$)
  • Use live chat support to order
  • Ordering takes a while
  • Print at night, holidays & weekends
  • Print same day past our cut off time
  • Print sooner than our standard same day service
  • Pay with crypto, zelle, cashapp or wire transfer only.
  • No credit card payments
  • Guaranteed or your money back








This is our most popular and most convenient way to order. At its fastest, we can print and deliver the same day in most major US cities. If you are not in a rush or need slower production times we can also accommodate.






TO START our standard rush printing service please use the search field on the top to locate your product and proceed to check out.


Top Features


  • Printing available only monday through friday
  • Above average print cost ($$$) 
  • Order right here on our website
  • Ordering is very quick and easy
  • Order before daily cut off time
  • Use a variety of payment methods
  • We ship worldwide
  • Local delivery limited to certain downtown/metro areas
  • Not guaranteed


In hands within a couple of hours




Our newest service tier and our fastest as well. This type of service tier is for our customers who wish to have prints in two  to three hours. We offer the same wide repertoir of products available 24/7 in case of a true printing emergency that needs a solution almost instantly.





TO START place an order using our instant apex service tier simply as give us a call.and providing us with the details of your job and we will give you a price instantly.


Top Features


  • Our fastest print service
  • Extremely high cost ($$$$$$$)
  • One flat all inclusive rate
  • To order give us a call us
  • Super simple order process
  • Pay with crypto, zelle, cashapp or wire transfer only.
  • No credit card payments
  • Print anytime 24/7
  • Guaranteed or your money back


Need a custom quote for a product not listed on our website? Or a highly custom printing product?

We can help! You can request a custom quote for any custom printing products. Use our link at the bottom of this page "Request Custom Quote". We have many printing processes & services in-house, so we can accommodate a variety of highly custom printing jobs and best of all you can mix and match printing services to make your prints truly unique.