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Fill out this form to request a custom quote for a product that is not located on our website or for highly custom products.


  1. If you are in a rush we recommend that you select a product & options that are already on our website because you will pay a lower cost and be able to place your order much faster.
  2. Any product or service requested via this form cannot be combined with our Emergency Velox Service® or our Instant Apex Service®

When requesting a custom quote with us, the time it takes to receive a response can range from a few hours to a few days based on your turnaround time (please keep in mind that rush orders tend to have a much higher cost, please do not place a quote with a sooner due date just so you can have a possible faster quote response since you will be charged a much higher cost).

RESPONSE TIME: Typically same day orders are answered within a few hours - next day and 2 day orders are answered within a day or two and 5 day orders or slower can have a response time of a couple to a few days. We are very sorry for the odd response times but it helps us ensure that customers who are in a rush can receive their quotes much faster.

NOTE: Unfortunately, most quotes using this form will not be answered due to large quote volumes or complex quote requests within the allotted time. 

Quote Tip: For a faster response and a smoother process, make sure that all information is correctly & accurately filled out with plenty of details. You can also use the description/comment box to further input information regarding your custom quote.

For non rush apparel orders, you can use our web catalog below to search our full product list. when you find the product you are looking to customize copy and paste the item number/name/url and afterwards you can then return to this quote page to request a custom quote for that item.


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