Do you need ... Faster than our standard Same Day Printing, Printing During the Holidays & Weekends, or a date/time guarantee?

We have the perfect print solution!

We print 24 hours a day 7 days a week, 365 days a year (unless its a leap year in which we print 366 days a year) including holidays, nights, and weekends. We never close!

Rush Print - Quick Summary

Our website is designed to function on a Monday through Friday schedule during standard business days - for our standard service. To print on a weekend, a holiday, at night, if you missed our cut-off time, or if you simply need a guaranteed time/date. First, we must review your product details, and artwork then based on that, we charge you a fee for these options. If you agree to the rush fee we will tweak the website settings after we add the rush fee to your shopping cart and then you can continue to pay and complete the checkout process.

Have a very large order?

If you have an order over $10k, give us a call and we can take your order over the phone. Some additional forms must be signed, scanned, and submitted along with a copy of your ID for phone orders.

Here are the most common scenarios for which people need our Emergency Velox Service©

  • Printing 24/7
  • Want to guarantee the time your order arrives
  • Want to guarantee the date your order arrives
  • You need your order delivered on a Saturday
  • Need to order on Saturday or Sunday for Monday shipping?
  • Did you miss out cut-off time & need your prints on the same day?
  • Did you miss out cut-off time & need your prints in the morning or mid-day?
  • Did you miss our cut-off time on a Friday & need your prints during the weekend?
  • It's a holiday and you need emergency printing?
  • It is evening or night and you need printing for the early morning
  • No option on our website gives you a date faster but you need printing done faster


If you are in a scenario like the ones listed above, in which all options on our website do not work for you then contact us via live chat and we can assist you to complete your order with the necessary speed to meet your requirements.

Below are some frequently asked questions about our faster than same day service, Weekend & Holiday Printing.

Here are also the necessary steps & instructions which our live chat customer care will provide you with in order to be able to provide you with our Emergency 24/7 Print Service

Remember you can also order through the phone or email (but you will pay additional fees and its a lengthier process in which forms must be signed, scanned and submitted along with a copy of your ID). You can read more about phone orders by clicking here 


Step 1:

Create an account on our website then find your product from our "products & prices" page or search for it using our search bar.

Select the options for your product [ensure that same day production turnaround time is selected, we cannot add additional rush fees to any other slower production turnaround time] and upload artwork then continue until the product is in the shopping cart successfully (when you see the delivery & payment fields).

Contact us through live chat and let us know that your product is in the shopping cart so we can provide the additional rush cost for printing past our daily cut off time, holidays, weekends or nights.


Step 2:

Once the previous step is completed and your items are in the cart please let us know.

We will need to know a few things. What is the first and last name registered on the account and the billing first and last name if they are different. What is the absolute latest time and date that you need this product(s) in your hands by? What is your delivery address zip code? and a couple more questions per your representatives requirements. Once you provide that information to me it will take us a few moments to provide you a rush fee for your requested service.

DO NOT PLACE YOUR ORDER until you have contacted one of our customer service representatives for a rush price and special instructions. Orders cannot be changed/edited/canceled once paid for, remember all sales are final so if you order we cannot change your order after.

We will ask you a few questions then log into your account to evaluate the potential order and feasibility.

If we can meet your deadline or custom request then will proceed to provide you with the additional cost of our Emergency Velox Service©.

Once you agree to the additional fee we will update your order in the cart based on your special request and then you can complete your order by checking out.

Note: For most rush orders, only local messenger delivery service is available, No pickup. No shipping, unless your custom request is about custom shipping options.

Note: Please allow ample time until your event starts from the time requested above. For faster than same day orders we give every order a 30-minute delivery window and can only guarantee the time your order leaves our production facility. We are not responsible for traffic, weather conditions or delays from delivery.


Step 3:

Your rush fee has been added and is now ready for you to enter your payment to complete your check out, so please refresh your webpage or log in and out of your account. Do not use any coupon or discount codes for this transaction. The rush fee is valid for 30 minutes only. If you go past 30 minutes without successfully completing your transaction from the time this message is sent your rush fee may need to be requoted again and it may stay the same or increase. Do not make any edits to your order details but if you need to just let us know so we can requote your rush fee, even if it's very minimal. Disregard all notices on the website that mention our standard delivery date and time as our website is not built for anything faster than same day service Monday through Friday. However, I have included in your product details the updated non-standard rush time you requested. You also must use any of our three messenger delivery options available only, do not select pick up or shipping as they are not available for rush orders faster than standard same day production.

We have come up with a general guideline that can give you an idea of our service cost, but please take it with a pinch of salt" as these charts are very vague and can vary on a day to day basis or even change drastically within a couple of hours.


Rush Fees Starting Rates - Estimated Only - Not Precise

The Prices below are only estimated starting fees & in most cases will be higher than what's listed. We carefully vet every product/order, then provide a final rush cost based on workload, ink coverage, the complexity of the job, location and pre & post-press processes/services required.



  • Printing during the Day time Monday to Friday 10am to 5pm
 8 Hour Rush6 Hour Rush4 Hour Rush2 Hour Rush
Specialty & Promo25%50%100%200%
Apparel & Garments25%50%100%200%
Large Prints & Signs25%50%100%200%
Photo Products25%50%100%200%

We will use the price chart & percentage or fee that is the highest. 

  • Printing in the Evening time 5pm to 10pm
 8 Hour Rush6 Hour Rush4 Hour Rush2 Hour Rush
Specialty & Promo50%80%100%200%
Apparel & Garments50%80%100%200%
Large Prints & Signs50%80%100%200%
Photo Products50%80%100%200%

We will use the price chart & percentage or fee that is the highest.

  • Printing at Night time 10pm to 10am
 8 Hour Rush6 Hour Rush4 Hour Rush2 Hour Rush
Specialty & Promo100%200%250%300%
Apparel & Garments100%200%250%300%
Large Prints & Signs100%200%250%300%
Photo Products100%200%250%300%

We will use the price chart & percentage or fee that is the highest.

  • Printing During Holidays
 8 Hour Rush6 Hour Rush4 Hour Rush2 Hour Rush
Specialty & Promo100%200%250%300%
Apparel & Garments100%200%250%300%
Large Prints & Signs100%200%300%400%
Photo Products100%200%300%400%

We will use the price chart & percentage or fee that is the highest.

  • Printing on Saturdays
 8 Hour Rush6 Hour Rush4 Hour Rush2 Hour Rush
Specialty & Promo25%50%75%100%
Apparel & Garments25%50%75%100%
Large Prints & Signs25%50%75%100%
Photo Products25%50%75%100%

We will use the price chart & percentage or fee that is the highest.

  • Printing on Sundays
 8 Hour Rush6 Hour Rush4 Hour Rush2 Hour Rush
Specialty & Promo100%150%200%300%
Apparel & Garments100%150%200%300%
Large Prints & Signs100%150%200%300%
Photo Products100%150%200%300%

We will use the price chart & percentage or fee that is the highest.


Our Emergency Velox Service is currently offered only in the cities below but we are expanding very quickly so feel free to ask us if you dont see your city listed.

  • NYC - New York City
  • LA - Los Angeles
  • Chicago
  • Houston
  • Phoenix
  • Philadelphia
  • San Antonio
  • San Diego
  • San Francisco
  • Dallas
  • San Jose
  • Miami
  • Las Vegas
  • Boston
  • Washington D.C.
  • Seattle
  • Jacksonville
  • Denver
  • Austin
  • Raleigh
  • Atlanta
  • El Paso
  • Fort Worth
  • Columbus
  • Charlotte
  • Indianapolis
  • Nashville

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