Custom Tear Off Card Printing

2-in-1 Promotional Item

Tear Off Cards are a great 2-in-1 promotional item. Your clients get to tear off a bottom piece the size of a business card while retaining a top portion the size of a postcard. Make your tear-off card into a coupon, a VIP card, a punch card, a business cardevent tickets, a raffle stub, or just about anything you wish! Same Day Rush Printing is your one-stop print shop.

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Convenience Of Tear-off Cards

Tear-Off Cards allow you to print in the postcard area while using the perforated tear-off portion for business cards, membership cards, coupons, etc. Available in popular sizes, cards feature a perforation 2 inches from the edge. Of course, tear cards feature premium thick, sturdy cardstocks.

Perks of Printing with us:

  • Single or double-sided printing.
  • Choice of sizes
  • Choice of stocks and finishes
  • Available to mail via next day printing
  • Printed full color - full ink coverage
  • Overnight printing and holiday printing available
  • Quick & Fast turnaround time

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Communication with Clients via Tear Off Cards

Teat Off cards is a way of communicating with your community and your clients. They are useful to keep events running smoothly and under control, even financially. 

Cards can be used as tickets for events, as a gift so that someone can collect a freebie. These are even pieces that might become memorabilia: A memory of a concert, a play, or any event. These high-quality rip cards will make it more appealing to your audience to hold them and to become more involved. Not only can we customize your tear-off cards in any size, on any cardstock with any finish, but we can also customize your tear-off cards printed in as fast as the same day. No matter where you are located, we can customize your cards any time, anywhere, NATIONWIDE!!!

 Rush Tear Off Cards  - Cards Templates  -

Express Your Message with Custom Tear-Off Cards


In a world that moves at a rapid pace, stands as a reliable partner for those who seek to make an instant impact with their communication. Offering express printing services, this platform specializes in delivering high-quality custom tear-off cards that not only convey your message effectively but are also ready for use on the very same day. has established itself as a leader in the printing industry, celebrated for its commitment to providing swift and efficient services. When the need arises for attention-grabbing and uniquely tailored tear-off cards, this service delivers a rapid solution, ensuring your materials are ready for distribution without delay.

The versatility of is evident in its diverse range of customizable tear-off card options. Whether you're promoting an event, launching a new product, or disseminating important information, their customization choices allow you to tailor every detail. From choosing the tear-off card size and design to incorporating vibrant colors, compelling visuals, and your brand identity, the flexibility provided empowers you to create cards that leave a lasting impression.

Quality takes center stage in's offerings. Despite the swift turnaround times associated with tear-off card printing, they maintain the highest standards in every print. Leveraging cutting-edge printing technology and premium materials, your custom tear-off cards not only meet but exceed expectations. Why settle for generic promotional materials when you can have personalized, high-quality pieces that reflect the uniqueness of your message or brand?

Navigating the user-friendly online platform at is seamless. Simply upload your design, choose your tear-off card specifications, and let their experienced team handle the rest. The streamlined process ensures that you can go from concept to tangible, professionally printed custom tear-off cards – all within the same day.

Whether you're an event organizer looking to boost attendance, a business owner promoting a sale, or an individual spreading the word about a cause, is your trusted partner. Their dedication to excellence and speed ensures that you can meet your tear-off card needs without compromising on quality.

In conclusion, offers an unbeatable combination of quality and speed in the realm of custom tear-off card printing. Make an instant impact with cards that stand out, and experience the convenience of same-day printing that places them at the forefront of the industry. Trust to deliver custom tear-off cards that not only meet but exceed your expectations, providing you with a swift and reliable solution for all your urgent printing needs.


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