Sidewalk Barriers

Sidewalk Barriers serve an important function of dividers in providing ample outside space, at your restaurant, for your customers. They help separate the café area from the pedestrian sidewalk and improve the dining experience. We can help you design customized sidewalk barriers and have them quickly printed the same day with our rush printing services. You can also have sidewalk barriers delivered straight to your restaurant within 24 hours with our fast, next day printing service. Have a look at our sidewalk signs to go with your barriers.

Benefits of using Sidewalk Barriers

  • Advertising
  • Branding
  • Multiple primary and secondary uses
  • Low maintenance
  • Boundary markers

Dining Experience

Dining outside is a wonderful experience that can easily get ruined if it is near a sidewalk. Busy streets and pedestrians on the road might interact with diners. This is where you can use sidewalk barriers to demarcate your café boundaries to improve the dining experience. Have a look at our Mugs and Napkins to go on your diner’s table.

Branding & Advertising

This is another purpose that you can utilize from sidewalk barriers. You can customize them to display your products, brand, or business name. This will help attract the eyes of anyone that passes by. Order the customization of your barriers at any time as our services are also available for overnight printing. Have a look at our Large Prints & Signs to help you in advertising to a wide area.

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