Our new retail program featuring on-site customization is an easy and simple way to integrate our printing systems to your storefront. Our system gives your customers the ability to personalize - your products or our own - directly from your store with an ultra-compact kiosk. 

Personalization is the trend & it is very popular - so much that stores like Adidas, Louis Vuitton, Sephora & many others now offer a customization solution to their customers.

The difference between our solution and theirs is that we handle ordering, printing, and fulfillment without any investment or complicated setups.



  • We provide you with marketing materials to help advertise your in-store  customization service
  • Customizing merchandise you sell in your store [coming soon]
  • Customizing hundreds of products that we offer like shirts, hats, tote bags, mugs and more 
  • High revenue commission of 25% on all orders. Paid monthly.
  • Only requires a 15 minute training for you and your staff
  • We offer 24/7 customer service and technical support for your staff and customers
  • We print 24/7 including holidays & weekends 
  • We provide your store with unique coupons to increase sales.

What is included in the system?

  • High-speed laptop 
  • Laptop Stand
  • Security cable
  • Dedicated webpage for your business
  • Revenue management portal 
  • Advertising on google maps & google
  • Display & marketing materials (optional)


How to start

There are two packages to choose from:
Free Startup - Highly Recommended
You will get the system free and are required to post 3 marketing materials at a minimum throughout your store at all times
Paid Startup $495
You will receive the system and have the option of not posting or posting any type of marketing material.

How does it work?

You will receive a unique link to our website that will allow you to view all orders successfully placed (able to manage your account) you will also be able to view your commission. 
Customers that are ordering from your store will use the provided system to view products and place orders. Once an order is placed it will be logged in through the backend management portal where you can view your revenue. We will print and ship the order directly to your customer.


  1. Wifi Connection
  2. Small 2'x2' counter space

Frequent Questions

Can I cancel anytime? Yes, you can cancel anytime.
Do I sign a contract? Yes, but it is for our equipment care primarily & return policy.
How do I get paid? Paypal, check or direct deposit.
What display & marketing materials you provide? We can provide you with Banners, window stickers or clings, banner stands, wacky inflatable flying arm man, outdoor flags, shirts, business cards - you pick what you want and need.

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