We provide status updates to every order as it moves along our production process. We send customers a notification via email or/or text message when we do so. Below are the descriptions of what each order status means.

Orders can be under any order status for an undetermined amount of time but that does not mean your order is delayed or has any problems, it simply means we have a high order volume ahead of yours. We guarantee that your order will be completed within the timeframe provided upon placing your order unless there is a problem with your files/payment or any other order issue which if you do you will be notified or your order will be on hold. Some orders move faster than others and as long as your order doesn't have any issues mentioned above we will meet the deadline we provided.

Received & In Queue: Thank you for ordering with Samedayrushprinting.com, Your requested order is now in our system waiting to be reviewed and begin its journey through our production process.

Under File Review: This is the first step in the production process. All orders go into file review to make sure there are no major discrepancies with your file like corrupt files, infected files etc. Keep in mind that we don't check the actual content of artwork or any files to make sure they meet our file requirements. It is the customer's responsibility to ensure prior to placing your order that it meets our file requirements.

In Production: Your order has been reviewed is now going into production. We will send your files to our production team to complete the process.

Packaging & Handling: Your order has been completely printed & produced. It is now being packaged and will be awaiting delivery.

Out for Delivery: Your order is en route to be delivered to your requested location. This is more often sued for local messenger delivery and free non-rush delivery. At times you may also receive your driver's information including their name, license plate, type of vehicle, and eta.

Shipped: Your order has been handed over to the UPS/FedEx/USPS/DHL vehicle and is on its way to you. A tracking number can be found on your order details in your account.

Completed: Your order has been successfully printed and delivered/picked up. You can find a copy of your delivery signature as an attachment in your order updates section for this order. 

Proof generating in progress: We are generating a proof for this order. Read more about our proof option in case you want to see a full description of the proof you selected here.

Ready for pick up: Your order is ready for pick up. The estimated pick up time is between 11am and 5pm at times it can be later than the estimated time but never past 12am. Read more about how our pick up service works.

Pick up missed: You have not picked up your order so it is now marked as missed, your order will be taken back to storage and you will be notified the next business day when it arrives once again for pick up. Read more about how our pick up service works.


scan is ready

- your scan is available

no response from customer

- We have tried to contact you, however no response. Please contact us as soon as possible for further discussion. 

reprint in production

- a reprint for your order is currently in production. 

estimated time for pick up

- you have requested for your order to be picked up at our Manhattan location. The estimated time and date for pick up is on  __/__/__ at ?_:__pm

awaiting an updated delivery address

- You either haven't provided us with a delivery address for your order or provided us with an invalid delivery address. Please provide us with a valid delivery address for your order to be delivered/ shipped to.

Driver arrived at the location

- Your order has been delivered and our messenger has arrived at your location, Please arrange for someone to come downstairs to sign and retrieve your paid order. Otherwise, we will not be able to release the order to you. Please note that our messenger drivers are given 3 minutes of wait time per delivery. Once your time goes exceeds their 3 minute wait time, they will have to leave the delivery location and move on to their next delivery. You will have to reschedule another attempt to deliver your order. 

pending proof approval

-Order proofs allow you to review a copy of your design before approving your proof.  The electronic digital proof should be used to verify the placement of cover and interior elements and should not be used to evaluate color or quality. The only way to assess the color and quality of your books is to order a physical copy.

in progress but additional documentation required

-your order is in progress and is still in print, however,  we are waiting for further documentation to be submitted by the customer. 

out for redelivery

-We have attempted to deliver your order, unfortunately, you have missed your attempt. You will now have to reschedule for another attempt tot deliver your order to your requested location. 

partially shipped

- this means that part of your order has been completed and is now being shipped to your location, waiting for the remaining portion of your order.  

on hold due to order problem

-Uhoh, there is a problem with your order. Your order is being placed on hold for further investigation.

order partially on hold due to order problem 

-You've placed an order and there seems to be an issue with a portion of your order. Please contact us as soon as possible to resolve the problem. 

order problem:  you missed your delivery

- We have completed your order and attempted to deliver to your requested location. Unfortunately, you have missed your delivery. Our messengers are given strict instructions to only wait a total of 3 minutes per delivery. Once a delivery has been missed, our messenger will then return your order to our warehouse and you will have to pay to reattempt for another delivery. 

delivery updated: rescheduled

-We have rescheduled a delivery date and time for you to receive your order at the requested location. 

no response - Is when an order has been abandoned by customer

ups delivery problem- There seems to be an issue regarding your order delivery with UPS. Please contact UPS.

FedEx delivery problem There seems to be an issue regarding your order delivery with FedEx. Please contact FedEx.