Same Day Rush Document Scanning Services


Our same day rush  scanning services in new york city are prefect to enhance your workforce from making your everyday life digital to keeping documents for ages. We have three main categories in our document scanning sector. The first is standard document scans which can be one or a few pieces, the second is meant for large runs and the third is for large format scans and lastly the fourth is for on site scanning at your location.


1)Standard Scans No minimums. This is your classic walk in and scan your documents service.


2) Large Volume Scans. We can scan at very large quantities and our discount rates are reflected upon this, usually the minimum us 100 pieces.


3) Large Format Scanning. Large format scanning is available from same day services up to our standard 5 day service and can be performed on documents as big as 10 feet wide and as long as 100 feet in length. Prices are for
same day rush scans: $30/sq ft | next day scanning: $25/sq ft | 2 day scans: $20/sq ft | 5 day scanning: $15/sq ft


4) Onsite scanning at your location. We have one of our technicians come with a high speed portable scanner and perform scanning of all your documents at your location, perfect for real estates, tax preparer, property managers &the financial market.