We highly recommend customers opt to get local messenger courier delivery or even shipping, instead of local pick up.

The main reason is that we have a large volume of orders daily and when customers select to pick up wait times for pick up could be extremely long. We have other minor reasons, for example, all products print in one of our multiple production facilities, so its easier to send the product directly to you instead of sending it to our pick up location.

Sending items to you directly is much faster and avoids the pick-up wait time. Besides the fee, your order takes an extra day to be available for pick up so it is usually more feasible for large orders or for highly custom jobs.

As an alternative, you may also use our free non-rush7-day delivery option.

You will be notified when your order becomes available for pick up, usually, the estimated time is between 5pm to 12am on the date provided in your order.

The estimated arrival time is only an estimate and not guaranteed (we guarantee that your order will be ready no later than 12am on the due date per our policy) so if you need your order guaranteed at a specific time within that date then we recommend that you upgrade your order for local messenger delivery (curbside, hotel reception, doorman or direct to door).

Keep in mind that production does not happen at our pick up facility but rather at one of our multiple production facilities then it is brought in daily for pick up when all orders that are scheduled to be picked up are ready. In many instances, orders are ready but we must wait for other orders to finish production so they all can be brought simultaneously, therefore, you would get your order much faster if you upgrade for delivery. If your order arrives past the time in which the pick-up location closes then our driver will reopen & you will be given approximately a 30-minute window to pick up. If you miss your pick up then you will need to wait on the following business day when the driver arrives once again with your order as orders not picked up are brought to storage due to lack of space at our pick up location.