Extended Daily Cut off Time & Work Week

We are currently extending our cut off time to 7 pm EST daily and extending our weekday to include Saturday and Sunday on some products partially.

How our Contactless Delivery via Local Messenger Works

To avoid the spread of covid19 we no longer require signatures however a first and last name is required for all deliveries and a photograph is taken of the package/person accepting package as proof of delivery.

If you DO NOT want your picture taken then we recommend that you let us know so that we can have you sign a confirmation of delivery document and you can send that it along with your state ID.

IMPORTANT Changes to our Service

  1. We are currently not offering to pick up service or walk-in / in-person services.
  2. SOME products & services can have delays of 1-2 days due to the covid-19 pandemic, we are trying to minimize any delays as they arise. Example: delays can be a result of UPS or FedEx not delivering raw materials to us/order to customers or an increase in service requests due to extensive closures by most traditional printing companies and even by an increase in demand for certain products like brochures, booklets, labels, masks from funeral homes, hospitals, essential businesses etc.
  3. Possible delays can be of up to 2 business days in certain areas. To mitigate any risk of your order not arriving on time we are RECOMMENDING THAT ALL OUR CUSTOMERS place their order with an estimated arrival date of 1-2 days ahead of final in hands date needed. We understand cost can be much higher so whenever possible opt for 2 days prior, if not 1 day should suffice.
  4. Same day orders have a lower chance of being delayed than next day orders and next day orders will be delayed less than 2 day orders, etc.
  5. NYC, MIAMI & LA are our least affected cities by delays.


What makes samedayrushprinting.com essential?

We are very well known for fast same day service and printing service at odd hours of the day as well as hard to come by print products. Many hospitals require labels and special apparel to be printed. Funeral homes and memorial services are also in need of our print capabilities. Labs are using our services as well as private industries for tent and signage printing. Lastly, many businesses which are open still require advertising, personalization and promotional products.

Is samedayrushprinting.com doing anything to help out besides our print & personalization?

Yes, our signage department in conjunction with our apparel & garment department have been producing face masks and face shields for our first responders. Both our masks and shields have been donated at no additional cost to our first responders, so more than half of every order you place goes towards materials and labor. 

What is the fastest I can get my prints by?

We offer same day printing and same day delivery, however, at times we can expedite your order if it is very small or fairly easy to produce.

Can you print only a few documents or a couple of computer print outs?

Yes we can! Simply order online and then select your delivery method. 

What if I need some photocopies & "xerox" copies

Unfortunately, copying would require you or someone from our team to place your existing document into the photocopier for it to be reproduced. However, nowadays many documents can be easily scanned using mobile devices or a photograph can be taken and uploaded to our site as a basic print out.